Stuck At The Mall

With apologies to Christmas Carolers “Up On The House Top” everywhere!

Stuck at the mall this holiday night
Boring as heck – I have to just sit tight
Down to JC Penney, that was just the start
It was just a warm up, see the shopping cart!

Oh me oh my! I want to die! Oh dear Lord! I’m so bored
Stuck like a mall rat, whine, whine, whine
No hope for TV, I’m in a check-out line!

First came a blister on my little toe
Oh dear heaven see it swell.
Limping and hopping I trudge along
Hoping and praying it won’t take too long.

Oh me oh my! I want to die! Oh dear Lord! I’m so bored
Stuck like a mall rat, whine, whine, whine
No hope for TV, I’m in a check-out line!

- Saint Clarence

Identigaffe© & Blunderfriend©

I have two new Facebook terms I’ve coined.

One is “identigaffe”© defined as thinking you are talking to a classmate on Facebook only to find out it’s someone else with the same name.

The second word is “Blunderfriend”© defined as the relationship established after the identigaffe© is discovered and the subsequent realization that the person you mistakenly identified as an old classmate has more in common with you then your old classmate did.

Cheap Whiskey With Water

- Clarence Holm

Working for others, chasing whims and dreams
Drifting with visions, thinking impractical schemes.
Sipping cheap whiskey with water, singing a country song
Friendly recitations, sweet reveries prolong.

My thoughts kept churning in my head last night
Fleeing from nowhere, my directions weren’t right.
I had reached for stars but they’d slipped away
In searching for dreams, most thoughts had gone astray.

My life and my decisions hang with me today
Those choices, that Karma, are flowing my way.
An existence held prisoner by risk pushed aside
A lifetime full of pathways and doors left untried.

What a waste of a future, a fate left untested
A hardship, a friendship, risk left arrested.
A life of avoidance, a song with no dance
A boring existence – this adventure sans chance.

Steel Watchman

- Clarence Holm

Just past the planted knoll, down by the shallow slough,
A forgotten plow and tractor, attached with clevis and pin.
Parked there by the farmer, under the summer’s sun
Abandoned – then forgotten, a pile of steel and tin.

Even as the stoic partners sat wedded to the soil,
The prairie grass grips at their spokes while the breeze sings – stay.
The steering wheel, the corroded stack remained true to the course
Dreaming of fields and furrows, turning sod again some day.

Delano’s Annual Celebration

Spirit Marching

Spirit Marching

When my town holds a party, our best is on display
The buntings strung, the streets are lined, and a parade gets underway.
We’ve invited all our friends and neighbors to meet in this location
To share our joy and raise a glass in jubilant celebration

Our central park will be our stage; the crowds will be delighted,
The carnies came, erecting tents, the midways getting excited.
The bingo stand and a tilt-a-whirl shares space just by the entrance
Late that night loud music blares from speakers for a street dance.

Friends have come, from near and far, they linger into evening,
Darkness falls, red streaks erupt, no dogs or cats left sleeping.
Cascading stars – some red – some blue, white smoke fills our valley
First oohs then aahs, horns honk and beep, silence signals a finale.

Next morning’s still, the crowd’s moved on, the city lays in slumber
Departing crews pull down the tents, the barkers count their plunder.
By eight o’clock, the coffees on, the merchant brooms are sweeping,
The city crates its festoons up, our annual dream safe keeping.

- Clarence Holm