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In this new world order, featuring a shared economy, Whammo** introduces…


When you care enough to strong arm with the very best!

A World Built on Sharing can trace its roots to 1947 when two military powers found they had excess weaponry to share. They believed this excess could be used to target an invading force looking for a place to cause political destabilization, through a mutually agreed upon flexible treaty. Now, hundreds of nations and despots can choose to create a free Erasathreat account so they too can list their munitions and spare troops for use in beneficial treaties, anywhere or anytime in the world.

Strategic Services helps make warfare easy, enjoyable, and safe. We verify military weaponry and troop strength, maintain a clandestine messaging system, so hosts and guests can communicate with impunity, and manage a secure platform to collect and transfer specific treaty payments.

What Strategic Services Can Be Listed? is a community marketplace for unique weaponry. We welcome many different kinds of listings on our site as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • The listing is used solely for threat removal
  • The listing, if a mobile equipment, naval, or air power, will be semi-permanently attached to a set region for the duration of a occupation
  • The listing is accurately represented, under complete control of the host and can be controlled by the threatened government

Listings that don’t meet these criteria will be removed, such as:

  • Air power, Armed Forces or Naval Equipment intended for long term occupation (ten years or more, unless conflict is renewed by a new provocateur.
  • Any listing whose primary purpose is other than serving as threat removal

If we discover a listing that doesn’t meet our guidelines, we may at our discretion, exercise a limit, or suspend, deactivate, or cancel the host’s account or social order. Take a look at our Terms of Service for more information and other requirements for listing your service on Eraseathreat.

How does the Eraseathreat payment system work?

Our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient, supporting many currencies and several types of commodities such as gold, silver or diamonds.

Payment: the money a guest pays for a services.

Payout: the money a host receives for a services.

When submitting a battle action to a host, the guest provides his or her payment details and the payment method may be authorized for a charge. If the reservation request is retracted, declined, or expires, we do not complete the process, the military is allowed to stand down and the weaponry is secured, a minimum charge or 75% will be accessed .

If the reservation is accepted, the payment is processed and collected by Eraseathreat in full.* Whether the conflict is two days or two months away, we hold the payment until 24 hours after the intended provocation before releasing the funds. This gives both parties time to do an after action inspection by an accredited multinational force.

Eraseathreat encourages cash payments or appropriate commodity transfers. However, In order to uphold our Terms of Service, transactions must take place at a third party site. By completing your transactions on the third party site, the security of your funds are ensured, and you’ll be protected by policies, such as anonymity requests, cancellation policies and our special unused munitions refund policy.

24/7 Targeting Support

Whether you’re assaulting or threatening, we’re here for you before, during, and after your experience. We’ve answered the most common questions about warfare in our Help Center, and for everything else you can contact us by visiting /contact.

*Rent unique ways to eliminate worldwide threats without the expense of maintaining a standing army.

** Whammo is a fictitious company and is not representative of any governmental body.

Magical Mystery Tour – 1967 The Beatles

- Clarence Holm

While listening to this original version of the album, I was struck by the lack of sound editing tricks and the “roughness” of the Mystery Tour recording. It stands in contrast to what Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was doing around the same period (Pet Sounds 1966). Wilson utilized multiple takes and “tweaked” the sound again and again in the post production process.

Actually, I prefer the unvarnished version presented on Magical Mystery Tour. It is probably my reaction to much of the pop music today, that is digitally mastered, auto tuned, re-blended and basically recreated in the sound lab. Even some of the so called “acoustic” versions are subjected to equal amounts of post editing.

I am not trying to compare the Beatles to the Beach Boys and I am not commenting on the musicality of each group. I am only pointing out two different types of production taking place at roughly the same time period. 

If you have access to a turn table and an old tube amplifier, treat yourself to the original sound of the Beatles. (turn tables plugged into digital amplifiers don’t have the same sound)

A Farm Day Trip

A quick visit to the Fall Harvest Orchard near Delano, MN to visit some new kids on the block.

Addendum 8/31/2014 –

I just got a call concerning the owner of the Fall Harvest Orchard “Farmer Curt”.  Curt Peterson passed away this morning as a result of complications from a fall that occurred earlier on the farm this spring.

Farmer Curt was dedicated to his farm and loved being able to share it with the area. He was happiest driving his tractor with a load of school children through the orchards and surrounding fields. Coincidentally an announcement was made earlier this spring that this was to be the last year for the Orchard, The property was slated to be sold at this year’s end. 

In the end, he was able to take part in the preparation for the final season– getting his cows, sheep, goats, pigs, peacocks, pheasants and chickens of every sort ready for their last show for the children of the area.

Rest in Peace Farmer Curt – I and my family are richer for knowing you. 


Hiding in the Pen!

Hiding in the Pen!

LiL Billy Goat

LiL Billy Goat

Sizing Each Other Up

Sizing Each Other Up

Driving a Point Home

Driving a Point Home

Launching a Headbutt

Launching a Headbutt

The Hopes and Dreams of Youth

- Clarence Holm

I just finished reading “I Am Malala” and I ashamed!

23% of the world’s population or over 1.5 billion people adhere to the Muslim religion, in one sect or another. Yet even though our media is full or articles about them, I knew almost nothing about them. I had suspicions and reservations, but most information I had was from 30 second sound bites.

It could be that most of the articles dealt with fear. Fear of a group that does not believe in the same values we do. Fear of a group that reportedly wants to impose their religion beliefs on us. Fear of a region that seems bent on our destruction!

That is why Malala Yousafzai’s book is so refreshing. It is a story of a young girl growing up in a Muslim country with all the hopes and dreams that are surprisingly similar to the dreams my daughters had shared with me. Through her book, I learned about the Muslim religion as seen through her eyes. She shared how intertwined her life is with religion, politics, and her tribal heritage. Through her eyes I saw how similar my daughters were to her, even though their circumstances were so different.

I was amazed by how she came to accept her role in life and the risks her goals entailed; her steadfast belief in her God and his purpose, which allowed her to function at a level that would have paralyzed most.

It took a 14 year old girl to open my eyes to a region that has hopes and dreams. That despite intolerable conditions, their lives go on and flourish.

The Sharing Economy – Sharpen Your Fork

-Clarence Holm

Lyft, Airbnb, and Uber have created quite a stir. Some have claimed it’s  “The End of Capitalism” or “The Millennial’s American Dream” another says. Social medial can’t seem to get enough of the “new” ways to provide goods and services.

To the proponents of these dreams, I say “Beware, sharing is not all it’s cracked up to be!”

First of all, I must acknowledge that I have a predisposition to suspect the motives of anyone who wants to share. From a very early age I learned to be leery of anyone who asks for you “a little bite” of your hotdog or a “sip” of your chocolate milk. Experience taught me that not only would the little bite from the hot dog not be small, but there was a good chance they would also take the remaining wiener, leaving you with only a smear of ketchup and mustard on an empty, soggy bun. And as for sipping your chocolate milk, if it wasn’t slurped in one big gulp, chances are very good there would be left over hot dog bun floating on the top.

If the “no sharing” lesson didn’t take hold in grade school, college should have finished off the sharing spirit. It only took you one time to learn that if you hold a keg party in your house and put a cup out for people to “chip in” not only will you not get any money, but someone will steal the cup. At the same time the keg is being emptied other “guests” will share everything in your cupboards or refrigerator (cooked or raw).

Of course, everything changed when I graduated from college and entered into the world of grown-ups and business. Times were tough and because I was living on a tight starting salary it made sense to me to share an apartment. It turns out that sharing included roommates skipping out in the middle of the night with my record collection in tow and leaving me to discover that he had a girlfriend four states away that loved to talk on the telephone –funny how he thought it would be a great idea to get a phone line under my name only.

Now I hear of the great idea called Airbnb that suggests sharing my home with completely unknown individuals, who were paired with me by a computer program, over the internet. I mean what could go wrong with that idea? Or better yet, I should drive and pick up a stranger (Lyft anyone) and take them on a ride like a taxi to a destination of their choice. Again, what could go wrong with that? (Hasn’t anyone noticed that taxi cabs have sturdy bullet proof dividers between them and their customers?)

Now many would think that I am over reaching and my fears of “someone is being taken advantage” of are totally unfounded but, I still have misgivings. I guess it is hard to get over going to a local diner with high school buddies and ordering french fries. I learned pretty quick it was a good idea to order that side of fries with a sharp fork to defend them with.

Incipient Individual Immovable Internal Inspection Icon Presented To Me By Me

SIXi ©  (pronounced  si-kē)

 Dedicated to people with their head stuck up their butt!


“I want to thank the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Money for this wonderful award. Well, I’ll just say what’s in my heart: Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump.”

-Mel Brooks

On the occasion of my 100th blog entry, I have decided to present myself with an award! (Being as no one else has seen fit to give me one) I do not do this lightly and to prove it here are the questions I posed to myself as part of my qualification survey.

Why would I do that?

Well, I have completed considerable research on accolades presented to individuals and organizations on an assortment of subjects by a diverse collection of interests and have determined that whatever I say will be just as valid.

But what would be the point?

While reviewing the different types of awards commonly given out, I have concluded that whatever their points once were, they had been lost long, long ago. Therefore I have decided to be blunt and just say I want one to placate my ego.

Can anyone stop me?


Will this help or hurt the environment?

There may be limited damage and will only occur during the acceptance speech. This discharge could cause an increase in global warming due to the release of certain obnoxious gases. This damage could be minimized through the use an effective ventilation system along with an application of deodorant.

What would be the cost?

About $1.49

Will there be sponsors?

In the tradition of all major events there will be no commercial interruptions. Of course there will be continuous subliminal advertising, that might make you take an Aleve and wash it down with a Dew.

Will this be an Annual Award?

Being as I can only write my first 100 posts one time, I think that question is self-answering. However if someone else has their head stuck up the butt just as badly, there could be an exception made

Will there be a speech made?

No, I have nothing to say and probably never have.

Who do you give thanks to?

Oder Eaters (Another subliminal sponsor?)

Actually I would like to give thanks to my mother.

Any other words of wisdom?

I had none to start with.

As I have no other questions, I accept the “SIXi” on behalf of myself

Thanks – Clarence Holm