Steel Watchman

- Clarence Holm

Just past the planted knoll, down by the shallow slough,
A forgotten plow and tractor, attached with clevis and pin.
Parked there by the farmer, under the summer’s sun
Abandoned – then forgotten, a pile of steel and tin.

Even as the stoic partners sat wedded to the soil,
The prairie grass grips at their spokes while the breeze sings - stay.
The steering wheel, the corroded stack remained true to the course
Dreaming of fields and furrows, turning sod again some day.

Delano’s Annual Celebration

Spirit Marching

Spirit Marching

When my town holds a party, our best is on display
The buntings strung, the streets are lined, and a parade gets underway.
We’ve invited all our friends and neighbors to meet in this location
To share our joy and raise a glass in jubilant celebration

Our central park will be our stage; the crowds will be delighted,
The carnies came, erecting tents, the midways getting excited.
The bingo stand and a tilt-a-whirl shares space just by the entrance
Late that night loud music blares from speakers for a street dance.

Friends have come, from near and far, they linger into evening,
Darkness falls, red streaks erupt, no dogs or cats left sleeping.
Cascading stars – some red – some blue, white smoke fills our valley
First oohs then aahs, horns honk and beep, silence signals a finale.

Next morning’s still, the crowd’s moved on, the city lays in slumber
Departing crews pull down the tents, the barkers count their plunder.
By eight o’clock, the coffees on, the merchant brooms are sweeping,
The city crates its festoons up, our annual dream safe keeping.

- Clarence Holm

Requiem For An AMC

I am sad to report that word has reached us that the 1992 Jeep Cherokee that had just recently announced its retirement was pronounced dead by mechanics at a local Redfield, SD garage. Although a valiant effort was made by the emergency towing service, the Jeep ultimately succumbed to the ravages of age and electrical issues. Mechanics pronounced the Jeep, also known as the Wagoneer, at peace with its maker at approximately 9:30 a.m. with friends nearby.

While the Jeep leaves many former owners, but no direct descendants, instructions have been made to make body and engine parts available for transplant.

The Jeep was born in 1992 near Dearborn, Michigan and was known for its high traction along with it legendary gas consumption. With its “4 on the go” and “shift on the fly” it was truly a mechanical wonder.

During the last few months of its life the jeep enjoyed hunting and long drives at sunset. An incurable romantic it spent most of its time “parked” with close friends.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to a local AMC dealer for use for caring for those that are less mobile.

The Lambs of the Prairie

As a child my mother spoke gently of her family’s story and those that went before. She spoke of a special recollection of young children buried way too young on the plains of North Dakota. Her haunting stories spoke of the children buried beneath the plain white markers embossed with fading lambs representing their youth. The Prairie Rest Cemetery is solitary remembrance dedicated to the youngest lambs who died while establishing our state many years ago.

The Lambs of the Prairie

- Clarence Holm

Beneath the broad Dakota blue
On a hilltop kissed with morning dew
Were the silent lambs on prairie old
Lying peacefully, a family’s tears consoled.

Soundless sentinels endlessly resting
Reverent callers gazes arresting.
Their fading faces don’t betray
Machine etched stones, long in decay.

An eternal place of gathering,
Sweet memories in stone are offering
Old stories lost and gone
Waiting together for their eternal dawn.