Last night I received word that a cousin had died and I grieved for a loss of a life. But then I remembered the family he left and I knew his was a life well spent.

Dandelions wait
For a breeze and a moment
Knowing winds will blow

Beauty lives in that instant
One puff and your dreams explode

                                       -Clarence Holm

Sixty Four Plus One

Onward, forward, into the tournaments they roar
The brackets are assemble they number sixty four
Long shot, sure-thing, a classic thoroughbred
Daydream, big scheme, now sited head to head

Fans chant, bands blare, crowded bleachers groan
Coach’s chart, player’s shot, little is left unknown
Whistles blow, men jump, ball is in the air
End to end the playing goes and I am in my chair

                                                      -Clarence Holm

Cabin Hides

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #140 – Twist/shout

Shouting like banshees
Cutthroats twist their dagger’s hilt
Spoiling for their share

Slashing, burning, pirate’s pride
Gold doubloons this cabin hides

                                              -Clarence Holm


If you don’t speak, you have no voice. Be brave and shout your opinions to the world.

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #140 – Twist/shout

Simple twist of fate
Can turn a world upside down
Right it with a shout

                          -Clarence Holm