Where’s Waldo

Some of you may have notices that I have gone silent.

During the last month I’ve been called a “Libtard”, a Communist, a Socialist and a Child Molester. My Facebook friends list has shrunk by 75% and the number of people I’ve blocked has grown. I’ve stopped talking with relatives who have been divided into armed camps (or worse, those who have taken a “Pollyanna like” approach to life saying “Can’t we just get along”.

I am aware that most differences have two sides and you should respect others opinion, but when facts are ignored and truthfulness is forgotten, getting along become impossible.

I have a brother who lives in Canada who has been given a life “End Date”. Time is precious and it is slipping away because Covid divides us and there are idiots who are still going around saying Covid is a farce.

I am sitting in my home unable to go out to talk with the few friends whom I still wish to talk to. I am bitter, scared, frustrated, and angry. I no longer “go to coffee”, attend church, or go to community meetings. I am starved for human contact.

I guess I just haven’t been in the mood to write lately! Turns out Haiku poetry is really a bridge to far for me.

Haiku Challenge (10/26/20)

The challenge is to create a Haiku utilizing this week’s words
Ronovan Writes Haiku 329 – Bloom / Wet

Photo credit – Univ of Wisc-Madison Arboretum

These red tulips bloom
Against the white winter snow
-Wet frost in sun’s glow

                          ©2020 cj holm



Haiku Challenge (10/19/20)

The challenge is to create a Haiku utilizing this week’s words

Ronovan Writes Haiku 328 – Dust / Weed

Falls winnowing wind
Separating weeds and dust
Voiced in common time

                   ©2020 cj holm





The Lambs of the Prairie

Some younger cousins were talking about old gravestones in a family cemetery and it reminded me of this post


As a child my mother spoke gently of her family’s story and those that went before. She spoke of a special recollection of young children buried way too young on the plains of North Dakota. Her haunting stories spoke of the children buried beneath the plain white markers embossed with fading lambs representing their youth. The Prairie Rest Cemetery is solitary remembrance dedicated to the youngest lambs who died while establishing our statemany years ago.

The Lambs of the Prairie

– Clarence Holm

Beneath the broad Dakota blue
On a hilltop kissed with morning dew
Were the silent lambs on prairie old
Lying peacefully, a family’s tears consoled.

Soundless sentinels endlessly resting
Reverent callers gazes arresting.
Their fading faces don’t betray
Machine etched stones, long in decay.

An eternal place of gathering,
Sweet memories in stone are offering
Old stories lost and gone
Waiting together for their eternal dawn.

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Haiku Challenge (10/12/20)

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 327 – Drip / Drop
The challenge is to create a Haiku containing this week’s words

A drop in the polls
Will end the drips messy run
-Clean up on aisle one

©2020 cj holm


Diversions crippled damaged exposed.
No, it’s not! Yes, it is! Shiny bauble – did they follow that?
Look for the pollsters, they work in the night.
One blue, one red – I’ll take two, hope to sleep tonight…
                                ©2020 cj holm