A Summer Place


-CJ Holm

I knew a special place just beyond the glen
Where summer never ended and I would lead my men
Just below the treetops, far beyond the fray
A sturdy wooden warship, where my dreams would always stay

Sailing for adventure in the cottonwood leaves,
Branches were my ladders on these open seas
My wooden saber slashing, risking a certain death
I fought till the foe was beaten or I was out of breath.

We’d capture a pirate’s treasure, that my mates would store away,
Then sing a seaman’s shanty, till daylight turned to grey.
When mother called time for supper, I would turn and say,
We had set sail for adventure, tomorrow is another day.

Haiku 11/30/2021

found by the door
between the day and the night
those empty spaces

-CJ Holm

spoon and empty bowl
waiting for the chicken soup
after winter storm

-CJ Holm

wild red raspberry
growing near a forest trail
spring revelation

-CJ Holm

Haiku Challenge 364 (6/28/21)

The challenge is to create a Haiku utilizing this week’s words
Ronovan Writes Haiku 364 – Tender / Who

On the journey’s edge
are nightshade’s tender blossoms
-who would question those

Beauty, danger lay in wait
Daily choices tempting fate

                         ©2021 cj holm



Oles’ White Lutefisk

Oles’ White Lutefisk
And The Legend of the Singing Coyotes

A long, long time ago, before the Hudson Bay trappers explored Minnesota’s vast prairie and timber, before all the beaver were driven from the cool valley streams, Minnesota was inhabited by the Dakota Sioux, the Ojibwa, and the Winnebago. For as far as the eagle can see, the grasslands and forest spread across the prairie, providing sustenance for all manner of living creatures. The drums, flutes, and rhythmic songs of the ancient tribes echoed in the evening skies, comforting all that wandered through the land, eating and drinking only what was needed from the land of their fathers and their father’s fathers.

Into this paradise walked Ole with his cow and wooden cart, squeaking and squawking, wandering about. Past deer trails and river beds, he sang as he strolled, of his memories, his daydreams, his life on this road.

Ya sure, you betcha
I’ve come a long, long way
Cross the sea I sailed…
Uff-da Norway’s so far, far away!

Sweet land of brown bread
Where lutefisk’s served
A gift for the senses
Homes’ aroma preserved

Here the rivers are deep
The valley’s so wide
Don’tcha know day after day
My song is my guide

Ya sure, you betcha
I’ve come a long, long way
Cross the sea I sailed…
Uff-da Norway’s so far, far away!


To be continued…

©2021 cj holm