I look to the sky and see no answers
I listen to the wind and hear no songs
I search for my soul and it all seems empty
Someone please help me go on.

I look to the fields and see no flowers
I walk through meadows and can’t smell the grass
I cry out to my parents who are no longer near me
Someone please help me go on.

I walk with my troubles and pray someone sees me
I carry a weight that seems impossible to hold
I wake in the morning and search through the news
Please anybody help me go on.

                                                                   ©2020 cj holm

Haiku/Senryu Challenge (5/25/20)

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 307 Open / Close


CDC Graph

Our public question
Close while flattening the curve
Open for commerce

Not a choice of right or wrong
Just what’s it worth to be strong?

                                           ©2020 cj holm