I promised myself I wouldn’t do any more political commentary but after the “Alternative News” broke yesterday I couldn’t stop myself


(My apologies to the great classic American song “Convoy”)

‘Cause Trumps got a little ol‘ Conway
Rockin’ through the night.
Yeah, Trumps got a little ol‘ Conway,
Ain’t she a two-faced sprite?
Come on and join with Conway
Ain’t no truth gonna get in her way.
Trumps gonna roll this lyin’ Conway
‘Cross the U-S-A.

       -Clarence Holm

Just Beyond

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #133 – Flow/Tear


Beneath cloudy skies
Tears flow down her frosty cheeks
As she lays crying

Just beyond the mountain ridge
Another’s shattered heart was stilled

                                -Clarence Holm

“Ormsby – Near the geographical center of the Midwest!”

No Matter If Left or Right!


I’m sick of pomp and circumstance
And whatever these politicians claim.
Grand promises spread like compost,
It smells of manure just the same.

They claim they’re here to serve us,
But when we stop and take a look,
They’ll be neck deep in someone’s pocket
Passing laws for their friendly crook.

It makes no difference the party,
Or whether they are left or right.
You can’t trust them to have honor,
Especially when they’re out of sight.

You can vote them out of office,
There is no difference in the end.
They’ll just come back tomorrow,
As a lobbyist for all their friends.

                       -Clarence Holm


“Ormsby – The biggest little town in two counties”

Ode to The Inauguration (or By The Shores of Gitche Gloomy)


Brave poets and writers,
True bards one and all.
Offer us wisdom,
Please answer the call.

When the world is in turmoil,
And our tempers inflamed.
Lost trust for our country,
Can our big trouble be tamed?

Tell us a story,
Of a man who is bold.
Who’s willing to tweet,
While his thoughts unfold.

A man who called
For proof as a birther
And now’s sincerely
A climate denier.

Judges women with numbers,
The best scored one through ten.
Then festoons girls with banners,
Making them more pleasing for men.

He dressed them in swimsuits,
Had them set by his knee.
Then if they’re worthy,
He grabbed them with glee.

After the pageant,
He’d leave on his jet.
Home to the office,
So much space to sublet

Now Trump takes control
From Hawaii to Maine
God help us bigly
While we’re under his reign!

-Clarence Holm