A Summer Place

-By Clarence Holm


There was a place on our family farm, not far down the road
Where summers never ended and knighthood was bestowed.
It was only seven steps above, but it was way beyond the fray
A sturdy oak imaginasium, where daylight fell away.


Tacking through a summer squall that rattled heaven’s leaves,
I set a course of visions, such as dreaming youth conceives.
With a wooden saber I charged straight ahead, risking a sure death
Long the battle lasted, or till I was out of breath.


We’d win a pirates treasure, that my crew would store away,
We danced and sang and carried on, all the idle day.
And when it was time to pull up anchor, I heard a seaman say
Let’s set sail for adventure, tomorrows another day.

2 thoughts on “A Summer Place

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve scanned all of my families photographs along with any I can get my hands on from relatives. I love to include them in a lot of my communications rather than leave them in a moldy album. Many of the pictures convey emotions much better than any poem or essay I could hope to write.

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