3 thoughts on “Haiku 7/4/2014

  1. You have captured the essence of a small town Independence Day parade in a few well-chosen words. “Piccolos chirping” precisely represents the unmistakeable piccolo sound! Brilliant, Clarence! I like this haiku a LOT!


    • Thanks… this form works well for me, allowing me to concentrate on impact and word play. So much of what I do in marketing is really reformatting thoughts to catch people’s attention. Especially now with email, I need to capture an imagination in just a few words. Business communication has to compete with entertainment. I try to do it with creativety and a personal style that includeds poems, music and humor based on an open sincerety. I regularily email hundreds of insurance agents, if I bore them – delete. If I hold their attention for just a moment, I might make an impact.

  2. Ahhh, but remember that a meteorite also makes an impact. It’s the NATURE of the impact that puts money in your pocket! 😛

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