Incipient Individual Immovable Internal Inspection Icon Presented To Me By Me

SIXi ©  (pronounced  si-kē)

 Dedicated to people with their head stuck up their butt!


“I want to thank the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Money for this wonderful award. Well, I’ll just say what’s in my heart: Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump.”

-Mel Brooks

On the occasion of my 100th blog entry, I have decided to present myself with an award! (Being as no one else has seen fit to give me one) I do not do this lightly and to prove it here are the questions I posed to myself as part of my qualification survey.

Why would I do that?

Well, I have completed considerable research on accolades presented to individuals and organizations on an assortment of subjects by a diverse collection of interests and have determined that whatever I say will be just as valid.

But what would be the point?

While reviewing the different types of awards commonly given out, I have concluded that whatever their points once were, they had been lost long, long ago. Therefore I have decided to be blunt and just say I want one to placate my ego.

Can anyone stop me?


Will this help or hurt the environment?

There may be limited damage and will only occur during the acceptance speech. This discharge could cause an increase in global warming due to the release of certain obnoxious gases. This damage could be minimized through the use an effective ventilation system along with an application of deodorant.

What would be the cost?

About $1.49

Will there be sponsors?

In the tradition of all major events there will be no commercial interruptions. Of course there will be continuous subliminal advertising, that might make you take an Aleve and wash it down with a Dew.

Will this be an Annual Award?

Being as I can only write my first 100 posts one time, I think that question is self-answering. However if someone else has their head stuck up the butt just as badly, there could be an exception made

Will there be a speech made?

No, I have nothing to say and probably never have.

Who do you give thanks to?

Oder Eaters (Another subliminal sponsor?)

Actually I would like to give thanks to my mother.

Any other words of wisdom?

I had none to start with.

As I have no other questions, I accept the “SIXi” on behalf of myself

Thanks – Clarence Holm

2 thoughts on “Incipient Individual Immovable Internal Inspection Icon Presented To Me By Me

  1. The way awards are handed out willy-nilly on WordPress, one should not be too hard to come by. However, I rather like the idea of presenting one to yourself! Personally, I will hold out for awards with cash prizes.

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