Magical Mystery Tour – 1967 The Beatles

– Clarence Holm

While listening to this original version of the album, I was struck by the lack of sound editing tricks and the “roughness” of the Mystery Tour recording. It stands in contrast to what Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was doing around the same period (Pet Sounds 1966). Wilson utilized multiple takes and “tweaked” the sound again and again in the post production process.

Actually, I prefer the unvarnished version presented on Magical Mystery Tour. It is probably my reaction to much of the pop music today, that is digitally mastered, auto tuned, re-blended and basically recreated in the sound lab. Even some of the so called “acoustic” versions are subjected to equal amounts of post editing.

I am not trying to compare the Beatles to the Beach Boys and I am not commenting on the musicality of each group. I am only pointing out two different types of production taking place at roughly the same time period.

If you have access to a turn table and an old tube amplifier, treat yourself to the original sound of the Beatles. (turn tables plugged into digital amplifiers don’t have the same sound)

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