The Blog – With Apologies To All

Once upon a computer whirring, while I typed so, fast and furious,
Over bleak thoughts, a bit too ponderous, bits of knowledge – what a bore!
Then I stopped, and started browsing, my hard drive clunked and started tapping,
With a beat it started rapping, rapping on my study’s door.
“’Tis a simple rhythm,” I muttered, “rapping at my study door—
Only this and nothing more.”

Ah, specifically I remember it was before my late night slumber;
And each separate throbbing measure boomed its smack upon the door.
Eagerly I wished for the silence;—vainly I had sought some guidance
From the cloud to stop this booming—booming for the final Opus—
For a clear and concise posting whom the followers could simply just adore—
Posted here for evermore.

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