Dear Santa – S’il Vous Plait

It’s that time of year again, when tradition has me compile a list of items that I most desire. However after years of endless requests and items duly received, this year I’ve only one small wish that I would like granted—

I have no need for a bike tonight,
Or sweater that’s tailored tight.
A simple wish I make today
That’s all I need from Santa’s sleigh.

In fact, it’s a message for you to carry,
To my friends and family making merry.
I think it’s time to tell each and every one
How much in life they’ve really done.

For every occurrence, each little tussel,
Gave us all a little hustle.
Each made an impact that’s plain to see
So thank you all for what’s been given to me.

To Jack, the eldest of the tribe this advice he freely offers,
Including this financial gem, guaranteed to fill our coffers.
Never turn down “refills and top offs” poured by neighborly clans
Especially at reunions with plentiful cookie stands.

To Jerry, the only one among us not dependent on Obamacare.
Who made a life most true with his carpenter’s square
Whose year is lived in different countries,
Says switching locations is a breeze.

Next there’s the one that holds us all together
Our sister Joanne who acts as the family’s tether.
Who’s defied the odds using incredible guile
Cracking the whip wearing a cheerful smile.

Following in the family organization,
Is our expert in commercialization.
Jim has skills that we all agree
Has suffered through years of corporate conferees.

Lastly my little brother Gene,
Whose family has grown umpteen.
Unfortunately Boston’s Red Sox, and the New England’s Pats
Have let him down with sickly stats.

Before I wish a pleasant Christmas eve
I have to say as I take my leave
I’ll miss you all as midnight’s strike
As Santa calls to all good night.

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