Little Princess (I’ll Be Home)

Little Princess

Lovely daughter on the wall
Daily problems block your view
Little girl just learned to crawl
Couldn’t be there – you’ll get through.

Little princess wait for me
If your willing pause today.
Grow up slowly just for me,
I‘ll be home soon come what may.

You always say there isn’t time
The child you love is here today .
Check your watch and take some time
Or miss the smiles sent your way.

Little princess wait for me
Daddy’s work is in the way
Happy thoughts are my decree
Hope they work in my place today.

As my girl grows up so soon
She’ll find others to fill my place.
I shouldn’t wait till it’s opportune
Early memories will soon erase

Little princess wait for me
Piles of work are in my way.
I’ll be home just wait and see
I’ll finish work and we can play.

– Clarence Holm

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