A Picker’s Delight

Horrifying Secrets Revealed!

– Clarence Holm Exclusive Expose

Caught In The Act of Picking!

Caught In The Act of Picking!

It’s not anything one would normally talk about in a public way, but I feel I must speak out. For a number of years I’ve been preoccupied by a horrifying compulsion, that many say, is held by well over 10% of the population. It’s the reason I carry concealed bottles of hand sanitizers to use and share with people in my search.

I am a picker! In the past I admit I was just a closet picker, but I must now admit that I am currently picking with friends and family. In fact, just the sight of a public notice that says “Everything Must Go!” sends me into a picking frenzy. I am in the constant habit of seeking other “downsizers” who are on the lookout for secluded unpicked areas.

Last week I thought I had hit rock bottom when I was attracted to a “Shoes Off Picking Extravaganza” but then I heard about a back alley location that had to be cleaned out -where you were asked to make an offer! There are rumors of some “Cash Only” events and where pocket change is accepted amid offers to fill a bag with stuff.

I concede that spotting unpicked items is an obsessive behavior that seems to be going to my head and is now cluttering my house. However the search for authentic “rural” treasures will probably continue.

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