Why We All Need A Little “Harsh Reality”

In Defense of Opinionated Man

– Clarence Holm

When I was a far younger man, I use to frequent a number of taverns in search of cheap beer and entertainment. With me, in virtually all instances, was a long term friend and cohort. While we were almost identical in age, education and social status, we were polar opposites when it came to temperament and self-control. I would have described myself as “reserved”, but a more technical term would have been reticent. My friend on the other hand was simply known as an “asshole”.

I don’t mean to imply that he had no redeeming characteristics; it just seems those positives were overwhelmed by easily diagnosed behavioral issues. These “issues” normally appeared as the evening progressed past a pitcher of beer or two, after which the usually friendly demeanor would be replaced by a drunken Viking warrior.

When asked why I chose to hang out with him on those frequent occasions of one of his societal breakdowns I easily explained that if I had been out to the bar by myself, I would have probably drank a beer or two at the bar and called it a night (much like an extra sitting at the table in a Cheers episode). Traveling alone my life was predictable and boring.

When my friend was placed in the mix, my life changed and an element of danger was added.

If I were to go to a bar alone for an evening and you asked the other patrons to describe me, you would have probably drawn a blank stare because they hadn’t seen me. When my buddy was along I was easily identified as the nice guy sitting with that jerk. I was the “salt of the earth” and he was a “chili pepper”. We worked well together and produced a good blend of spices.

What has this story got to do with Harsh Reality?

Not a whole lot other than WordPress is now my tavern in which I seek cheap beer and entertainment. By myself I lead a boring existence and my stories and poems are less than “inspirational”. But add in a little Harsh Reality from the Opinionated Man and my world changes. Immediately there are topics to address and opinions to refute. “OM” maybe intolerant, loud and ever-present, but he is a buddy and I am glad I “followed” him into this bar.

3 thoughts on “Why We All Need A Little “Harsh Reality”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Great back story. Totally applicable.

    WordPress is a better place with that guy.

    This was a nice little nod to OM. Well played, sir.

      • OM does three things very well:

        1. Posts often and starts conversations.

        2. Grows an audience.

        3. Uses his large audience to help other bloggers network and introduce themselves and their writing to one another.

        If this isn’t at the very core of what we’re supposed to be doing here, then I guess I’m not sure what is.

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