I play solitaire!

I play it because I enjoy it. I like the simple challenge of mixing suits only to later realign the ranks.

When I win, all is right with the world, the stars are momentarily united into one numerical plane. I like that! When I lose, I reshuffle and start again. Red on black, black on red, and then each to their own kind.

My grandmother taught me the game as a child, with a worn deck of cards. She said it was a perfect game; quick to play, no other players needed, with very little in the way of set-up. In fact, there was even virtue in the skill of the shuffle and the deal. Seven piles, top card exposed.

Thanks Grandma! I hope to see you again, after I’ve been shuffled about and then reunited with my kind.

One thought on “Obsession

  1. Enjoyed the memories stirred by poem! Also learned solitaire from Grandma Holm about the same time she taught me Michigan Rummy, the basic skills for Poker.

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