Down The Garden Trail

Springtime Lilacs In Bloom Microsoft Clickart

Springtime Lilacs In Bloom
Microsoft Clickart

It was just a short walk for me
After I turned down that garden trail
Just simple steps to follow
Written long ago, with such loving detail.

It was warm and the spring was in flower
Drifting scents of lilac were in the air
Looking north, I glimpsed the old bell tower,
A Carillon calling heaven’s saints, to answer wayward prayers.

I last saw her just as the dew rose
Off the glens of make believe
She called to me to come along
We had so much to perceive

I hesitated then explained to her
I had duties that called me far away.
I told I would come back to her
With a lilac filled bouquet.

She frowned and simply smiled
And asked if I would stay a little longer
But travels called, and I was much to wild
And I hurried off spending years in a wander.

Decades later a tattered letter appeared in my post
Mailed years ago, lost awhile and forwarded many times
The letter long had traveled, but had found me at the coast
I pulled the envelope open, I smelled the lilac rhymes.

My darling had written me directions
Describing a way home.
She talked of our affections
And cried that she was all alone.

I realized I had missed her and headed back to that girl
Back to sweet velvet kisses and her sweet caress.
Golden hair, flowing long ending in a curl.
I followed her directions long lost in the abyss.

The flowers smelled of springtime as I entered the garden gate,
The stone marked her passing, it had happened long ago.
She had waited for me always, but I had arrived just too late
Still I lay down beside her and joined her in the glow.

– Clarence Holm

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