T For Shrew

R.I.P. Little Shrew

R.I.P. Little Shrew

– Clarence Holm

Our neighbor’s first twins found a token
Of our tom cats instinctual prowling
And though his actions were left unspoken
It did explain the previous night’s howling.

The neighbor’s second set, who are not quite three,
Were also drawn to the rodent’s cadaver.
Although for adults it was plain to see,
This shrew had certainly lost his swagger.

Cold and stiff, the corpse drew a crowd
Of other kids who joined the mourning.
A hole was dug, the children bowed
And a cross was placed this morning.

To end the scene some words were said
That was part of his final requiem
And although fame appeared quite widespread-
In truth “This shrew, we never knew him.”

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