Before Simple Surgery

-Clarence Holm (last thoughts before orthoscopic surgery)

Coasting through the pre-op check list
Restricted fluids, solids dismissed
Simple surgery done with scopes
Correcting damage restoring hopes

Months of limping, stinging pain
Cured in minutes, no more cane
Modern medicine at its best
Small incision, three days rest.

No cause to worry, nothing to fret
Simple procedure; no need to sweat
Counting the minutes till the nurse calls a name
I’d sooner be elsewhere, a cowards reframe.

Mere minutes to go till the needles inserted
I look for an exit, a hallway deserted.
They’ve taken my pants I’ve got nowhere to run
I’m here to the finish, it has to be done.

Cherish my memory, take care of my wife
Prepare a headstone, I’m going to the knife.
Last second worries clutter my fear.
Thank God I’m wearing clean underwear!

3 thoughts on “Before Simple Surgery

  1. Clarence! There is no such thing as “simple surgery”! Are you ok? What was wrong? Do you feel better? Take care–and happy healing!

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