I’ll be on a little trip for a few days

The results came back from my MRI, confirming a 5 cm tear in the tendons holding my left rotator cuff with a 4 cm retraction of the muscles. -Basically the muscles have torn away from the top of my shoulder and contracted.

The muscles needs to be trimmed and pulled back into position then reattached. My shoulder will be immobilized for a number of weeks, followed by physical therapy.

The good news is I am right handed and with good coaching I should be available to pitch right handed relief for the Minnesota Twins playoff run.

Still I am scared as the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. The doctor says I will be out of it for a few days (due to my fear of pain and willingness to utilize any type of pain killer at my disposal)

Anyway see you all in a few days- Here for your enjoyment are my last words in a whining senryu

Cold steel cuts warm flesh
Comprehension put to sleep
Wake me when it’s done

– Clarence Holm

9 thoughts on “I’ll be on a little trip for a few days

  1. I’m 9 wks. ahead of you…had the same surgery on St. Patrick’s Day. Patience with myself has been the toughest!

  2. I am praying for both you and your surgeon. Everything will be ok and soon you will ready to pitch For the magnificent Twins!! Talk to you later.😎

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