Love/Hate challenge

Adventures in Cheeseland ( tagged me for the Love/Hate challenge. The rules are below.

  1. List 10 things you love.
  2. List 10 things you hate.
  3. Tag other people to take the challenge.


  1. Fresh Sheets
  2. Cool Pillows
  3. Bird Feeders.
  4. Perennial Flowers
  5. Estate Sales (Good to know some people have more stuff than me!)
  6. People who don’t care when I stammer
  7. People who take the time to be original
  8. Watercolors
  9. A well written short story
  10. Repairing and Painting Garden Gnomes

Hate (more intensely dislike, except #10)

  1. Facebook Jerks
  2. Cleaning three litterboxes and vacuuming up runaway kitty litter
  3. Finding sour milk when you want cereal
  4. Mosquitos
  5. Wasps that attack me!
  6. People who constantly play trivia games and are always asking for answers
  7. Having no place to hide when babies cry
  8. 4th Day of leftovers
  9. People who don’t care
  10. People who never make a mistake

Below are the blogs I tagged. This part is confusing. I’ve seen people list from zero to ten people. If you choose to accept the challenge, feel free to distribute your largesse in any way you choose. If you do not choose to accept the challenge, please ignore the previous sentence. J

Ontheland (

Claudette (

Theanne aka magnoliamoonpie (

Daily Echo (

Annette Rochelle Aben (

Wild Daffodil  (

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