I am shocked and saddened at the news of the deadly community college mass shooting in Oregon. I feel I must take some sort of action to help end this violence, but I am also well aware that our nation’s politicians refuse to take any action that goes against the powerful NRA lobby that is controling the national discourse.

I have decided that it is time for me to take a stand on social media and utilize the controls at my deposal at Facebook, Twitter, blogging sites and other media to limit the message that gun violence is acceptable and state unequivocally that I do not accept the NRA vision of America.

I am not against someone owning a rifle or a handgun, but I see absolutely no need for semi-auto weaponry, huge magazine clips and ammunition designed to penetrate body armor. I am against turning America into a gun toting state, run by small minded bullies

I will in the future delete, block or attempt to stop any pro-high powered weaponry message posted in content I can control.

Further, I will unfriend, block or disassociate myself from anyone I judge to be a gun ownership extremist! They may have the right to their views, but I have the right not to give them a platform that is diametrically opposed to my beliefs. I realize that this will cost me friends, but I can no longer stand to listen to anyone bragging about, or glorifying a technology of murder.

Discourse and debate is no longer enough I must take a stand! Stupidity is no longer acceptable…

Clarence Holm

9 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. I am sad when I heard this tragic deaths on the news. I do like any weapon, especially in the wrong hands or who have a mental illness. This is really problem. It happens in here too. You say that some of people wouldn’t be happy about your disagree of guns. But could they answer this, is it normal to give a gun to these people? Who can use a gun… And for what… This is really great matter. In here too… Once again, I am so sad dear Clarence, and also for your people and for the families who lost their children. Why do the people die? why? In here there is always death news, my heart can’t stand to hear them. I pray for all these people. And let me say this too, I think you are doing good, and I do believe there would be more people to think like you. My thoughts and pryaers for you all. Love, nia

  2. I absolutely agree with you, I am all for hunting rifles ( as I am a sustenance hunter) , I am really iffy about pistols… unless you’re law enforcement or military, I see no real reason to carry a handgun at all, and I am absolutely against assault rifles of any sort, big or small clips makes no difference, I can see no valid reason for owning such a gun, it is almost useless as a hunting tool , it is designed for one purpose, and one purpose only… to kill other human beings, and no one needs armour piercing rounds … since when did deer , elk and moose start wearing kevlar?

      • That is very true, I can not understand how anyone can glorify a gun, I was also taught to respect it and to use it for it’s intended purpose… as a tool to put food on the table , that is why I take the bolts and firing pins out of my hunting rifles when not in use, I lock those away in a separate part of the house than where the rifles are , effectively rendering them harmless and useless.

  3. It seems reasonable to me to allow the hunters rifles and revolvers but not the assault weapons. Why do we have to have all or none?

    • I own a 30-06 hunting rifle, but haven’t used it for years. Quite a difference between that and a semi-automatic weapon. One is designed for hunting a single target the other to kill multiple targets. Unless you are going to war, I see no need for that firepower.

  4. A strong and powerful stand to take Clarence. I believe anyone who wants to have weapons that are designed to kill most probably have psychopathic tendencies. To have them to kill fellow humans “just in case” is hard for me to comprehend. Iceland looks fairly safe except they hunt and kill whales.

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