Ronovans Challenge 65 Harp and Clear

Tears, Mirth, and Dreams

plucked from banquet wall
Dadga’s chords released the harp
to clear the way home

-Clarence Holm

10 thoughts on “Ronovans Challenge 65 Harp and Clear

    • Very quickly – Dadga was a Celtic Warlord, who controled his troops with a golden harp. His enemies stole the harp and put it on the wall of their banquet room. When Dadga found them he called to his harp and it flew to him, knocking the thieves over. He played three chords. The first made them cry uncontrolably, the second made them laugh and the third made them sleep so his companions could slip away unharmed.

  1. I looked Dadga up before I read your explanation. Having the Irish in me, I found what I discovered to be truly brilliant. I call it inspiration to include such a mystical person and harp in your Haiku, It working for your art. Love your Haiku and a lesson of the Celtic. jk

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