Ronovans Challenge 66 Pine and Grief

all my children

Susan Lucci’s Last Goodbye

star’s grief uncertain
in Pine County’s last curtain
off-stage shot rang out

-Clarence Holm

7 thoughts on “Ronovans Challenge 66 Pine and Grief

  1. love this… I grew up watching All My Children, always hated Erica because she reminded me of the snotty girls who bullied me…

  2. Good haiku, and different from the approach taken to this week’s challenge by so many others. I never watched the show, so I thought perhaps it was a play.

  3. Pine Valley and Susan Lucci would be so proud. What clever Haiku. It brings a tear to one’s eyes when they remember all my children’s favorite characters and moments. Loved the show. Thank you so much for bringing it back for a brief/grief moment. jk 😦

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