Empty Nest

The Nest

I see you, now that the leaves are stripped
Resting on the middle branch
Exposed to wind, but holding steady
Empty as the flocks are gone.

A vacant home, now just a resting place
For winter’s backyard travelers.
Just sticks and twigs, stuck on a branch
No speckled orbs to guard.

It’s vacant now awaiting spring
When life will return to green.
Filled with down, soft and warm
Hidden once more to me.

-Clarence Holm

5 thoughts on “Empty Nest

  1. Wonderful post, Clarence. Recently, I attempted to photograph two raccoons at late sunset trying to feed off the last of the crab apples in a neighbour’s tree. It was cold and the trees were almost bare. This photo reminds me of that moment.

  2. As a recent empty-nester myself, this is so poignant. But.. let’s talk about this ‘spring’ time frame you speak of.. what do you mean? They don’t come back, do they? 🙂

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