Ronovan Writes Friday Fiction #5

This weeks challenge

Pick your favorite song and use the title for the title of your story. No, you are not to write a story about how you like the song.
Get rid of adverbs outside of your dialogue.
No word count limit this week.

Digging To China

       –The Sunshine Fix

“Right after breakfast we’re gonna start digging!” Jim said from under our blanket. “The sooner we start the better; China is a long way down.”

“…You know, the world will be upside down when we get there.” I declared.

“I hope mom made cornbread for breakfast, I’m hungry.” Obviously Gene was not as excited about the project as Jim and I. We were going to have to drag the youngest of us out of bed-again. We dressed and ran down the stairs

“Morning mom…” We called.

“Did you make me cornbread?” Gene still had only one thing on his mind!

“How far is China” I asked. “and, where did Dad leave the shovels?”

“Sit down and eat your breakfast” Mom said. “China is far enough away that you will need energy to get there and why do you need shovels?” My mother may not have heard us plotting our morning, but the words “china’” and “shovel” could only add up to a digging project!

“What type of adventure are you boys planning?” As far as mom was concerned, deep holes out in the pasture were acceptable. They required digging and lifting – two items guaranteed to keep boys occupied and tired! That was always good.

“Mom, how far down should we go, before we turn ourselves upside down?” I asked.

She looked at me to see if I had hit my head on something during the night. Satisfied I was not injured mom said. “You boys make sure to wear your jackets, it’s been chilly out lately.” “…And if you are going to be digging, make sure you do it on the side of the pasture, by the tree and your fort.”

“Can you pack us a lunch?” Gene was warming to the plan.

“Let’s get started.” Jim and I yelled!

Another day had begun on the farm.

-Clarence Holm

6 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Friday Fiction #5

  1. Good job. Fun. Concise. Shows the feelings and catches the excitement and innocence of boys about things. Think I got you on 2 Adverbs that you could get rid of. 🙂 Not intrusive ones, which are the best ones to have. Or was it three? Still, good one. Keep it up. Listened to the song on youtube. Nostalgic sound goes with the whimsical nature of the story.

    • Keeping track of adverbs is harder than I imagined. I finally resorted to writing the definition of adverb on a 3X5 index card to refer to. I use the same technic to remember my phone and street address. Now where are my glasses?

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