Just A Little Pecker Saga

The woodpeckers back
And he has grown bolder with his strikes.
All that pecking, pecking, pecking
Is raising havoc in my life

Such a nuisance to my scene,
He’s punching holes in eves and trim.
I hear his sound, my ears are throbbing,
But when I seek, it’s sudden-quiet.

I have a loaded BB-gun,
A deadly piston pellet slinger.
That lets me take a single shot,
Once I pump and pump and pump.

This knot hole challenger, this heap of feathers,
Keeps drilling his rustic wooden hole.
Outside I hear the tapping, tapping, tapping,
That is driving me insane.

-Clarence Holm

2 thoughts on “Just A Little Pecker Saga

  1. In our back yard they have access to a dying cottonwood and a series of telephone poles to work on, but my sympathies! Perhaps some music with a lot of bass that the woodpecker might take exception to?

    Lovely poem!

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