Donald Trump aka Pat Paulson Incarnate

Pat Paulson Donald Trump

Pat Paulson Donald Trump

After months of observing the Republican presidential candidate search, it has become obvious that Donald Trump is really the reincarnation of Pat Paulson.  And as skillfully as an act in a Smothers Brothers Comedy Sketch, he is using this campaign run as a wildly successful publicity stunt for the “Trump” brand..

There is a precedent for this. If you recall in the late 60’s, Pat Paulson (a comedian on the Smothers Brothers TV show) started a fictitious campaign for president. He was so successful that CBS had the Smothers Brothers devote part of a show telling people it was all a joke and they should not waste their vote.

No one in his right mind could produce the political turmoil to his party unless it is all just a tongue-in-cheek party joke.

Here is one of Pat’s later TV appearances before his death in 1997.

What do you think?

One thought on “Donald Trump aka Pat Paulson Incarnate

  1. I will vote for Chris Christie in the primary. But I think the pundits and many people underestimate the anger and revulsion being felt by millions against our present system and the way things are done and Trump has capitalized on that. I don’t think he can beat Hillary. Perhaps no one can as she will carry the traditional states voting democrat and just a dozen states or so can give her enough votes in electoral college. Look how many states Romney and McCain carried and still lost. The minorities live in the gig cities in the big states and that’s where Hill’s treasure lies.

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