Ronovan’s Flash Fiction Challenge #10 “A Special Day”

January 22, is Celebration of Life Day.

Take a moment in your life of which you would celebrate and use that as inspiration for a no more than 750 word story. Write the story as if the characters were animals living in the roles of humans. An example would be the policemen might be German Shepherds and other Police type dogs. 

A Special Day To Celebrate

“Even on this special day, I’d rather we not leave the burrow!” Grandpa Mole grumbled as he allowed a worm to slither by. “Daylight travel leaves us exposed to air, with many types of danger. From hawks or snakes or even human things, the dangers grow under sun. You mark my words, as we leave the sod and walk upon the soil; the risks of life grow harsher. There is menace there above the ground, hidden in the sunlight’s glow.”

“Oh Grandpa” little Becky squeaked. “You say that every year at spring! But we’ve been down here long enough; our winter’s nap is over! I want to see all that’s green right now and taste the springtime clover!”

“It’s time to go,” Becky’s mother chirped! “The days begun and the sun is growing stronger. We have so many steps to take, the time is getting shorter, grab you hat and follow quick with me and your father.”

And so the moles left their den with hats and umbrellas held so high. Becky’s shade reflected sky blue and bright gold, as the sunlight crept ever higher.

The air was crisp and the breeze was fresh as father started singing. “Guard your tails and lift your nose, the farmer’s crops are planted. Soon it will be harvest time, be sure nothings taken for granted. Mornings dew is on the leaves and our job is then to catch it. Collected drops of angel’s tears will make the crops grow ever stronger. And when it’s time to collect our part, our family’s share will feed us.”

It was late midmorning when we arrived to see, the field abuzz with all the tenders. The dragonflies flew up above, to warn of mortal danger. They dipped and rose in the summer sun, wings beating a song of gladness.

Two ladybugs spread their wings and danced in summer courtship. Their bright orange skin with big black dots was spectacular in the sunlight. They offered up their aphid juice and sipped away the summer.

A millipede wandered by, its boots stomped out a rhythm. He called ahead to a small biped, “Little bug, please watch your toes, I am getting so much nearer. So many limbs, I can’t watch them all, there is danger in my marching! I twist and turn around the leaves, I can’t see from head to tail.

Grampa mole laughed out loud. “I love the world beyond; I’d forgotten all the wonder in creation. Just how much joy there is today, when sunshine is there above.”

– Clarence Holm

9 thoughts on “Ronovan’s Flash Fiction Challenge #10 “A Special Day”

    • The story is loosely based on my family history. When I was very young our family farmed summers and for winter we would move into the country school basements, where my mother taught school. It was warm there, but it was very much like being underground. So moving back to the farm in the spring was a big celebration.

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