Old Times Stories



Photo Credit – http://www.fatherhood.org

The old Chevy runs at its leisure
That darn starter has no clout.
Which means my arrival time’s unsure,
And of course, the boss will start to shout?

Last week the bathroom faucet was leaking,
And the toilet was in constant flow.
The apartments stool needed a little fixing,
What made me think Drano was apropos?

Now the furnace fan has started clicking
I suppose it needs a service call.
I’d love to stop that infernal ticking
But they’d want all my money for the call.

When times got tough, I would call up my father
And he’d listen to me on his phone.
Of course, he said it was no bother,
Though I tended to bitch and moan.

After a while, he would stammer,
That I really didn’t have it so bad!
That the old times were so much tougher
Back when he was a little lad.

Back then the wind was always blowing
No matter which way he had to crawl.
And how the snow drifts kept on growing
Those old time blizzards threatened all.

Then he’d recall his tedious schoolwork
Plus the dangerous chores he had to do.
How the young preacher fellow went berserk
Because of some young rowdies in his pew.

I supposed, while dad meandered through his thought,
There is no real reason for me to worry.
That no matter how hard I have it in my lot
I’m just building my own “Old Times Story”.

-Clarence Holm

3 thoughts on “Old Times Stories

  1. I love the bit about the wind blowing whichever way he had to crawl- those old times were tough! When I was a kid I had to contend with nothing interesting on TV no matter how many times I switched channels (we only had 5 then).

  2. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    I know my 84 (85 in April) year old dad had it a lot tougher than my generation could even imagine, yet he is one of the happiest people I’ve ever known. I think it was tough having 5 kids to feed & cloth, but he now says those were the best years of his life & he was too dumb to know it.
    It is so nice to be spending these 10 days with him here in TN. 😊☺️😘
    Peace, love & family,
    P.S. Please excuse any typos. It’s tough to edit from an iPhone. 😳😜😁

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