Our New Forever Home

The search may be over!

Little House On The Prairie

Little House On The Prairie

Many of you may remember that my wife and I have been searching for a new home to retire to. We were looking for a rural home with a small bit of acreage.

We may have ended our search in this small town of about 130 residents. The pictured home is a 1900 four square home situated on the edge (the entire town is on the edge) of town on 3 acres of land. It is a five bedroom home with its original woodwork.

The home comes with 1.3 tillable acres of land, three machine shops, two grain bins and two goat pens. A perfect place to do nothing.

All we have to do now is arraign financing, submit an offer, and sell our current home.

We hoping to be home by Christmas…

12 thoughts on “Our New Forever Home

    • We went to the Cafe/Grocery Store in the next town (3 miles away), population 300 for lunch. It’s open weekdays 6:30 a.m. to 2:oo p.m.. It holds about 25 people for lunch and has one aisle of groceries 20 foot long. Todays special was a chicken strip basket for $6.00. She told us the biggest business in town is a craft shop that is only open two times a year (a weekend in Spring and again in the fall for Christmas.) the waitress who was at least 75 years old, said when the craft shop is open the town is packed with the street filled with cars.

  1. YAY!!! What is the name of your new town? We retired to Lakota, ND. We like it here! Keep us all informed–OK?

    • I can’t talk about the city till we have our offer locked up. But I can say it is as close to being out in the country as you can get and still have water and sewer. Plenty of room for woodworking, dogs and cats and maybe a goat.

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