Living on Ormsby Time!

Over the past year, I have written about my wife and my desire to simply our lives by moving to a rural home. A few months ago I had updated you with the announcement that we had found a very small farm. Since then we had been prepping, packing, and boxing (later replaced with grabbing, ramming, and cramming) all our earthly possessions in anticipation of the move.

Last week we began transporting our “stuff”  via trailers, cars and moving vans, to our new home and I am proud to say that we are 90% done with that portion of the adventure.

This morning as the last of the paid movers brought our boxes into our home and drove away (Counting their cash and laughing), we realized (my wife and I) we have only just started this moving journey. We are now embarking on what I woefully named “The Unboxing Saga!”

One of ten box filled rooms In our new home (and I still can't find my keys!)

One of ten box filled rooms In our new home (and I still can’t find my keys!)

While we do not expect to battle any dragons, the effort we will make will rival ay Germanic Adventure written.

God Help Us…

Packers Prayer -Haiku

trunks made of cardboard
mother’s crystal wrapped in bags
roaming is a risk

-Clarence Holm

8 thoughts on “Living on Ormsby Time!

  1. I envy your being almost done with the “put it in a box, move it, take it out of a box” adventure. We have a house in Cooperstown, ND and have just started the first phase of moving. Good luck to you both. God Bless You!

  2. This is always not easy dear Clarence, I mean to move a new home and then to place all the things… 🙂 But on the other hand it is enjoyable too. Congratulations to you both and Good Luck with your new home. I wished to be your neighbour there and to help you both. The poem expressed so nicely…

    Thank you, Have a nice and enjoyable day, Love, Nia

  3. Good luck on your “epic adventure”!
    Poems and tributes will be written, songs will be sung, beer, ale, wine, and mead will be drunk in your honor. 🙂

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