Another Storm

My neighbors tree that landed on my pig barn.

My neighbor’s tree that landed on my barn.

It has been a tough year for farmers near O-Towns. There have been a number of storms with high winds (40-60 mph) and heavy rains (4-5 inch downpours). In the last month, I have counted 5 of these storms. Yesterday morning rain and high winds struck again, bringing down one of my neighbor’s huge ash trees onto my goat barn.
There doesn’t appear to be much damage to my little barn but there is a lot of trees to remove.
I guess I didn’t realize how much chainsaw work I was in for when I moved to this farm. I should have had an inkling of the potential winds of the area when I noticed all the wind farms dotting the horizon.
O-Towns, it turns out, is right on the edge of the Buffalo Ridge. The geography of the area features a glacial drift left over from the last ice age. Because of the higher altitudes of this massive pile of rocks and constant wind speeds, this portion of the prairie is ideal for generating alternative energy with wind farms.
I am definitely going to check out the feasibility of having a smaller wind generator on my property.

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