Backyard Choice – Tanka

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge 2/20/2018 breakthrough & movement   – Synonyms Only

(Haika  Form 5-7-5 7-7)

shattered windowpane
curtains moving in the frame
-runner leaves his base

frozen moment’s decision
of what will finish this play

                                           -cj holm
Per Colleen’s Weekly Challenge, I chose shattered and leaves as my synonyms for breakthrough and movement


Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 72:breakthrough & movement  (#SynonymsOnly)

6 thoughts on “Backyard Choice – Tanka

  1. Are you a baseball lover? I had to read your Tanka a couple of times and then it hit me! You wrote the perfect baseball smashed window episode, ever! 😀 Well done.

    • I remembered a time when I was young playing baseball in our neighbors yard. We hit the ball through his window. I remember time stopped when it happened, then an explosion of kids running away. Course the people knew all of us, so we had to come back to face justice.


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