Prairie Sigh


meadowlarks hello
repeated from now to then
-born in prairie sigh

captured dream of summer fun
rolling grassland setting sun

                                               -cj holm
Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge 3/6/2018 Renew & Fresh – Synonyms Only


Per Colleen’s challenge, I chose repeated and born as my synonyms for renew and fresh
(Tanka Form 5-7-5 7-7)

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 74: renew & fresh (#SynonymsOnly)

4 thoughts on “Prairie Sigh

  1. I love meadowlarks!! I’m a bird person and this is lovely. We’re in Colorado Springs and I’m eagerly awaiting the birds returning for spring. ❤

    • When I was young, one of my farm chores was to herd cows from barn to pastures. We would drive (on foot) them out in the morning and bring them back at night. We’d lay in the tall grass for hours listening to the Meadowlarks sing. My brothers and I would play Cowboys and Indians, and then we’d snare gophers to pass the time.

      • I grew up in the city but almost every summer I stayed with my grandparents in Kansas. It was an entirely different world. I learned to ride horses (fell a few times) and just enjoyed being out in the middle of nowhere. We live about 5 hours west of that tiny town in Kansas now. I want to go back just to pay my respects to my relatives buried in the cemetery there. Great memories like yours. 😀 ❤

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