Summer Place

When I was young my brothers and I would be given the job of herding cows from one pasture to another and then wait to drive them home at night. On those long summer afternoons, while tending the cows, we would take advantage of the shade of those big cottonwood trees and dream the day away.


cottonwood bw

Old cottonwood trees
float like clouds on the prairie –
shade hot summer days

                                                   -cj holm
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 209 Old / Days
Prompt words: Old & Days
Haiku in 5-7-5


5 thoughts on “Summer Place

  1. We lived at the edge of a small farming community, pastures and sloughs and old cottonwood trees within walking distance from an early (perhaps too early) age. I would spend the summer days—when it was not raining or when I was not able to get a ride to the lake to swim—reading a library book, tucked into tree branches in a cow pasture, hidden away and shaded by the leaves. Blissful childhood summers…

      • We built forts in the pastures with hay bales, until Mom taught us how to build them with old lumber in the back yard to sleep out in. Odd…I can’t remember there ever being comic books in the house. Our cottonwoods were well grown with no branches low enough for climbing. Hence the trees in the cow pastures. 😀 Sounds like you had lots of fun!

  2. This post is lovely, and I hope there are still kids around that spend summer days day dreaming and reading comics. All that “free” time you had with your thoughts is part of the reason you are creative now.

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