Sourdough Thoughts


Golden loaves of bread
that rise in grandma’s woodstove
served with fall preserves

Smokey farmhouse memories
of breakfast conversations

                                         -cj holm
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 223 Rise / Fall
5-7-5 7-7


8 thoughts on “Sourdough Thoughts

  1. This comment is in response to your post about bleeding ulcer/your hospital stay…the computer/link would not let me post a comment on that post, so I clicked over here. I am sorry you are in the hospital and am sending you healing vibes for both body and soul. Do not lose hope…the sun rises everyday and on a local level there are many good news stories. There are people who still say good morning, hold doors open for others, volunteer as scout leaders or reading tutors and understand we are all connected. And that’s my point…wishing you peace and grace through the WordPress cyberspace.

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