Murmuring Souls

Created for Susi Bocks Challenge


Art Credit – Google Image

I write her weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge 30 – July 30, 2019

These murmuring souls
sacrificed to the dark god
of the pagan woods

Forever silenced soldiers
-lost Tiberius’ phalanx

-CJ Holm
From Chapter 73 of Tacitus’s Annals.

“Soon afterwards it was ascertained from deserters that nine hundred Romans had been cut to pieces in a wood called Baduhenna, after prolonging the fight to the next day, and that another body of four hundred, which had taken possession of the house of one Cruptorix, once a soldier in our pay, fearing betrayal, had perished by mutual slaughter.”

4 thoughts on “Murmuring Souls

    • I liked the Germanic symbolism of tree spirits and its associated religious practices. Much of the mysticism of the Nordic Countries is the result of the influence of German culture. I enjoyed studying Germanic literature and myths in college – Wish I could have majored in it!

      • I don’t know much about it myself, but it sure is fascinating to learn more. A friend of mine is hugely invested in the Nordic culture, and I enjoy what he shares with me when we get together. 🙂

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