Happy I’m Here


While walking beside a frozen marsh,
The sunrise reveals the world awakened.
Found some small paw prints, left from the night,
Recorded movements left frozen this morn.

Sunrise reflection pink crystalline frost,
Remnants of cornstalks on harvested field.
Seeds missed by combine’s sharp threshing machine,
Food for the pheasants that feed in the night.

Smoke from the farmyard drifts upwards this morn
White bones of ash trees cut up after storms.
Clouds on horizon threaten tonight
Temperature falling blizzard in sight

Home to black coffee brewed early morn
Crisp smoky bacon, eggs fried in a pan.
Wheat toast and jelly sweeten the morn
Simple life in country, so happy I’m here.

cj holm

2 thoughts on “Happy I’m Here

  1. http://www.wyldewoodcellars.com/our-wines.html. Because it is something country up with too. Oh sure I like the Catawba out of stone hill winery Hermann Missouri but it’s country in a far different way. And I’d never have guessed the Midwest was prime (if table wine) country. But such it is. I am curious though, is there a thin sliced chop of the fatty porcine cured in Briney deep…a “rasher” a possibility? Knickname yet never had. Not that I’m anti bacon.

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