Decima Poetry Challenge


Late after dark city started burning
Unknown looters were running around
The people carried angry fire downtown
Hands up the crowds disappointment is churning.

Equal treatment is what they are yearning.
For too long resentment has been on hold!
For too long our stories been untold,
By men who have held power and great means.
Fire set in cities, the torch burns and cleans,
Fire burned injustice it’s our day, behold!

                                                               ©2020 cj holm


This is my first attempt at Decima Poetry. The rhyming pattern of abbaaccddc. Ronovan’s challenge was to use “Fire” in the “a” spot of the pattern. I cheated and used Fire as a topic. Decima poetry is brand new to me even though it is centuries old. (Sometimes it’s good to force a Swedish/German to learn new things.   Thank you Ronovan for the stretch!


11 thoughts on “Decima Poetry Challenge

  1. Nice! This is the great thing about this type of poetry, it gives an opportunity to expand on a message, and it does stretch or poetry muscles.

      • I think you did a pretty good job. It took me several challenges before I could get close. You did it in one. Keep joining in…or I will find you…and fill your house with Thirteen Stripe Gophers.

    • I revised the last section for a better flow. From the examples I’ve read online this type of poetry seem very masculine with emphatic statements. Kinda like two rappers going toe to toe. With Attitude! It it were a love song, it would sound like a Paso Doble.

      • Yeah, that’s kind of how I look at it. I haven’t emphasied that aspect in the directions so much. I like trying to keep to the tradition but I also feel a desire to pull more poets to th style. Mine have been the masculine kind. Especially the gypsy related ones.

  2. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:
    Please visit and see Clarence’s first-ever Décima Poem. He did an incredible job. But then again, he’s been writing poetry for years., and that’s just from my personal knowledge of his participating in the Haiku Challenge. A wonderful, creative curmudgeon you just can’t help but like.

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