For Sale

The First Annual Fourth Estate Sale!


(Brought to you by a Broken Society)


Due to the consolidation of independent journalism and the high cost of in-depth reporting – The World Wide Net is offering possibly one of the most unique independent writing collection that has ever been assembled… a manipulative publisher’s dream!

The writings of many unbiased writers gathered together to be sold to the highest bidder … many items from written history, including recent reporting from the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and beyond, all lovingly composed, edited, and published in what was referred to as the free press. Many of the items in this sale have been digitalized for quick resale! Most of these unique stories, editorials, current events, and daily news stories can be professionally repackaged to suit your unique ideology. Don’t miss this opportunity to reshape history without the need to win a bothersome war or partner with an irrational dictator!

Be the first in your neighborhood to rebrand history justifying your own religious or racist viewpoints. By carefully selecting and repackaging bits and pieces of content so your word can become gospel.

Why make history when records can be revised and rewritten? Formally available only to religious zealots and brutal dictators’ current history can be yours.

For more unsourced information contact Zuckerberg Publishing


©2020 cj holm

4 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Hmm, oddly like poetry, one can read this and interpret it in many ways. Some humorously and others darkously. It may be whitewashed or black-faced, depending on the seller, the buyer, or the mouth breather.

    On another note, MZFbTV
    has through its history
    silenced those of the right
    those on the left
    and even some intellectually deft,
    You might be a diamond
    or even made of silk
    or you could be of the race-baiting ilk.
    But now it seems the tables have turned
    FBTV is now supporting those it once burned?
    Talk about reading the lines for your own truth.
    I think I’d rather get mine from a fortune teller’s booth.
    I wonder when Captain Chaos will attack.
    First, he’d have to keep his small hands
    off his rare and beloved de Balzac.

      • You say something of a cult?
        I lived in the home of one such adult.
        She fed me beans and fried chicken true
        and tried to make me a witness too.
        I was fortunate to escape,
        I used some string and lots of duct tape.
        Now I trade rhyming banter with a squirrel,
        maybe that explains why my spine needs an epidural…
        …every three months.

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