Haiku/Tanka Challenge (6/30/20)

Same picture different take


Taming open range
Man’s steel stretched mile after mile
-Wild meadowlarks sing

Barbwire strung for land’s control
Rebel sings the sweetest song

                                                   ©2020 cj holm

9 thoughts on “Haiku/Tanka Challenge (6/30/20)

    • I hear the meadowlark singing
      On the open range
      He’s sitting on barbwire, rusted and bent
      Oh I’m out in North Dakota, just driving along
      Oh that bird keeps on singing, his Dakota song!
      When I was just a young man, my daddy told me son
      Listen to the larks’ cry, It’ll put tears in your eye
      And don’t sit on the barbwire; it’ll rip your butt!
      Then you’ll hear the meadowlark crying and know why he cries!

      • You done gone did and done it. Although I may detect a bit of what we will call ‘inspiration’ in there perhaps from days gone by.

  1. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:
    I asked Clarence of PrairieChat.com to write another poem using the image from the video he shared in his Haiku for the challenges this week. And here it is.

    Very nice. Give him a round of applause and a big kiss.

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