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Clarence Holm focuses his entries on family, friends and a little business. Clarence recently retired from a full-time position in marketing and sales for an insurance whole seller. His interests include writing about genealogy and the history surrounding it.

As an avowed couch potato, what little time he has off the pillows is devoted to a few hobbies including, computers, electronics, woodworking and day dreaming. He is married and the father of four daughters, all old enough to realize dad doesn’t have all the answers.

He is originally from Valley City, North Dakota where his parents tried (and failed) in farming. Luckily his parents did succeed in other careers including mechanics and teaching, allowing the family to move off the farm.

A college graduate with a firm grip on what he didn’t want to do; Clarence has managed electronic stores, restaurants, and security departments. In 1989, he joined his brother and established one of the first groups of independent insurance agent clusters. From that point on, Clarence has not done anything he considers work.


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40 thoughts on “About Clarence

  1. I really enjoyed your about building the airplane. It reminds me of some the adventures in my childhood with my five sibllngs!

  2. North Dakota, now there is quite a climate. Your sense of family comes out in your writing. Four daughters can inspire plenty of interesting stories even if you don’t have all the answers 🙂

  3. Hi there Clarence, just popping on over to thank you for adorning my wee blog with a follow and to simply welcome you aboard and check out your own stuff. Nice to meet you and hope to be seeing more of you around, MM 🍀

  4. I’m originally from North Dakota, too. Born in Minot, grew up in Grand Forks. Growing up in No Dak helps make us nice and hardy. Makes my Ohio winters much more tolerable, too. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my site. Much appreciated.

  5. Just stopping by to say thanks for the follow. Have to admit, I’m envious that you’ve managed to go so long without dirtying your hands in anything that you consider to be “work” 🙂

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      • The last names sound familiar but wouldn’t be in that context. I spent 30 years writing resumes and editing academic papers (d.b.a. The Written Word), just locally until we got on the Internet in the mid-1990s.

        Due to age, allergies and limited mobility, I have not been active in the Democratic party for a number of years. It would have been in 1996 through, perhaps, 2000. When Scot Kelsh first ran state legislature in 1996 and following. Just in District 11, no broader. (I now vote for either Green or Democratic party candidates).

  7. Hi Clarence, glad you stumbled upon one of my posts.I did enjoy very much reading the two pieces of poetry and hope to explore more your blog when time permits. By the way I had to smile when you said in your bio that you are the father of four daughter that realize that dad doesn´t have all the answers. They probably are the ones now teaching you, and most amazing is that you managed to raise 4 girls without ending up in therapy. I have one sister and I had to get out of my house by age 18 just so she wouldn´t drive me even more nuts.
    Anyways, great writing.

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    • “Clarence Pilgrim” sounds very noble! To your question—It’s the fragments of History that are unearthed and how they relate to the people – humanizing them. To hold something that a great, great, great grandparent held and use it for the same purpose. To discover a connection to an historical event, like the civil war and to see the actual contents of a great, great, great uncle’s pockets documented by the government at the time of his death at the Memphis battlefield.To read about a ancestors fight with a city official in 1650 in New
      Amsterdam and find the court records of her fine. Finding long lost cousins in far away places and share stories of how each got there. Finding the lost records of my Grandmother’s family and learning of the deaths of her three siblings and father on the prairies of Minnesota. I learned of a cousins death fighting indians at a fort in Eastern North Dakota, how he was buried in the Fort only to be dug up and reburied because the river was too close and then years later be dug up again and be buried at a different fort in Bismarck, ND and finally to be dug up again and be moved to the Custer National Cemetery in Montana. I learned of a Great great grandfathers brother, who moved with him to Minnesota to end up being drafted for the Civil War and died before he could learn English. I have documented the lives of over 43,000 people over 18 or more generations and have been surprisesat every historical encounter. That’s why I do it and why I will continue to do it.

    • I love watching my WP Reader and being able to see great words and images from places I would never be able to visit. The beauty of your photos are astounding and I appreciate your posts.

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