Selected Haikus Donald Trump Might Have Written

©2018 cj holm

the art of the deal
is built on bluff and bluster
-cheeseburger sizzle


Locked in plush cabin
soaring on our Airforce One
putt rolls past the cup


two years this office
golden trash bin overflows
cuckoo – cuckoo


on the Potomac
well after sunrise in east
two generals quake


Vladmir offers hand
in so many helpful ways
no collusion


watching my white house
so many talking heads
two scoops of ice cream



                          -©2018 cj holm

snowy fields
echoed in the sky
blue shadows


steel grain bin
leaning against tree
vacant now

clock always ticking
reaper gone away


snow covered tree stump
all the branches hauled away
squirrel scurries on


my brother’s birthday
he is younger by a year
and missing old farm

Word Wedge

foot in

Source – MoMA Louise Bourgeois – Don’t Put Your Foot in Your Mouth – 1999

campaign persona’s
inconsistent talking points
traps his foot in mouth

                                     -cj holm
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 232 Foot / Mouth
Prompt words: Foot & Mouth
Senryu in 5-7-5