Haiku/Senryu Challenge (3/30/20)

And the times, they aren’t changing!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 299 Bright / Fight

Historic caning
brutal political fight
-In bright marble halls

                                       ©2020 cj holm
Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge (3/30/20)



Charade – Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge (3/23/20)

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 298 Bad / Play
(Writers note —  Bad = a dyslectic Bay)

Who decides what’s bad
in the lover’s games they play
-Me too, she exclaimed

                              ©2020 cj holm



“Remember you are just an extra in everyone else’s play.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt
“Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.”
-Mark Twain
“Oh what a hit we made
We came on next to closing
Best on the bill, lovers until
Love left the masquerade”
-Henry Nicola Mancini / John H. Mercer

Haiku/Senryu Challenge (3/16/20)

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 297 Shrink / Think


When allowed a choice
Young men hardly ever think
And then many shrink

                                ©2020 cj holm

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge (3/16/20)




“Men are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine!”
― Sigmund Freud
“I’ve always said, ‘If you need Viagra, you’re probably with the wrong girl.”
— Donald Trump

Def Haiku – Haiku/Senryu Challenge (3/9/20)

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 296 Ape / Hip (Monkey & Funky)

Silver ape speaks proud
hip hop and day long bing bong
-truer thoughts not heard

Why do we fret and say views
when all we do is make words

                                                -CJ Holm


Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge (3/9/20)



“No, I don’t do rap music!”
                  ― Dolly Parton

Haiku/Senryu Challenge (3/2/20)

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 295 Elate / Hate

Candy’s elation
is my source of many pounds
I hate the result

                                           -CJ Holm

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge (3/2/20)



“A pause is only temporary, but regret is felt forever.”
― CJ Holm

Haiku/Senryu Challenge (2/24/20)


The first taste of spring
is held for the purest love
-Chaste Cherry Blossoms

                                                             -CJ Holm
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 294 Chaste / Taste




“A chaste woman ought not to dye her hair yellow.”
                                 -Menander of Athens