R.I.P. Lincoln Town Car

It is with deep regret that this writer reports the passing of the 1998 Lincoln Town Car (Vehicle ID Number 1&%$82W3WY730##31) driven by my daughter, Emily Ann. The car suffered an irreparable seizure when the car was separated from its’ front right wheel assembly while failing to cross a yawning pothole in Minneapolis. The resulting completely independent suspension part was towed along with the rest of the car to a temporary parking facility, awaiting collection by a charitable organization.

Remaining vehicles of the Nationwide (formerly known as Harleysville) policy A101%&874, include a 2005 Ford Ranger and a 2008 Chevy Eclipse which continue to be driven by Clarence and Mary. Emily Ann has decided to leave the Holm Nationwide Auto policy after surviving the untimely demise of her beloved Lincoln and has taken up a separate permanent residence in the city where the car recently passed away (Minneapolis).

The Lincoln Town Car was preceded in death by other former Holm vehicles, including an AMC Jeep and a Chevy Lumina.

While the Lincoln had served well as a Student’s College Vehicle, it is quite fitting that as Emily began her new career with a new employer the Town Car would have been retired.

While sad about the car’s demise, Emily is looking forward to the purchase of her own vehicle and obtaining (and paying for) a separate insurance policy as an adult in a separate residence.

Those wishing to leave a memorial are directed to a new GoFundMe Campaign established to assist Emily in her search for a cheap transportation replacement

The Steel Watchman


Over past the crooked tree, near a shallow slough,
A forgotten plow sits alone with rusted clevis and pin.
Parked there by the farmer, away from the summer’s sun
Abandoned – then forgotten, now just steel and tin.

This stoic farmhand, wedded to the soil,
Tills a prairie grass field, while the summer wind blows.
The steering wheel is corroded, cracked, locked and set on course
Just beyond worked field and furrows, a handy perch for crows.

                                               ©2017 Clarence Holm

A Final Goodbye

Last week I lost my sister to the ravages of diabetes. Jo’s battle was courageous, she was a fighter to the end.

We gathered Saturday morning
Too late to say good-byes.
We grieved for an unexpected casualty,
For my sister who had closed her eyes

In church, I sat in silence
Not wanting to say farewell
But a piece of my existence
Was carried off by a distant bell.

I shuffled down a center aisle,
Following my sister’s spouse.
Her son and daughter cried openly,
Suffering in God’s stain glass house.

The church circle provided service,
A lunch to soothe the souls.
Hot coffee for our spirits
And shoulders to console.

While eating we talk of other things,
Cheerful words to fill the air.
Distant memories of a childhood,
Of the sister who was not there.

I’m thankful for the memories,
Of a life that was lived so well.
In time I know I’ll be seeing her,
When it’s time for my farewell.

         ©2017 Clarence Holm