R.I.P. Lincoln Town Car

It is with deep regret that this writer reports the passing of the 1998 Lincoln Town Car (Vehicle ID Number 1&%$82W3WY730##31) driven by my daughter, Emily Ann. The car suffered an irreparable seizure when the car was separated from its’ front right wheel assembly while failing to cross a yawning pothole in Minneapolis. The resulting completely independent suspension part was towed along with the rest of the car to a temporary parking facility, awaiting collection by a charitable organization.

Remaining vehicles of the Nationwide (formerly known as Harleysville) policy A101%&874, include a 2005 Ford Ranger and a 2008 Chevy Eclipse which continue to be driven by Clarence and Mary. Emily Ann has decided to leave the Holm Nationwide Auto policy after surviving the untimely demise of her beloved Lincoln and has taken up a separate permanent residence in the city where the car recently passed away (Minneapolis).

The Lincoln Town Car was preceded in death by other former Holm vehicles, including an AMC Jeep and a Chevy Lumina.

While the Lincoln had served well as a Student’s College Vehicle, it is quite fitting that as Emily began her new career with a new employer the Town Car would have been retired.

While sad about the car’s demise, Emily is looking forward to the purchase of her own vehicle and obtaining (and paying for) a separate insurance policy as an adult in a separate residence.

Those wishing to leave a memorial are directed to a new GoFundMe Campaign established to assist Emily in her search for a cheap transportation replacement



Image from youtube

Oh dandelion, you lawn care pest
Your golden blooms will go no higher
Spring leaves have bowed and I earned my rest
Since you met my Weed & Feed applier

But revenge is sweet and your plan was sound
When you displaced my Kentucky bluegrasses.
In bare patches of lawn, new roots are found
Where Monsanto failed to kick the weeds ashes!

                                                             -Clarence Holm

I Spy

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #144 – Wonder/Spy

Small wonder of verse
Was missed by others at first
Then spy rhymed coerce

And then for all our trouble
He penned another double

                                                  -Clarence Holm




Snooze Repose

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #142 – Spring/Fresh

Words and Image ©2017 Clarence Holm

In spring garden gnomes
Rise above last winter’s frost
Fresh faced in the light

Dew stained face found as he was
Slumber struck snoozing repose

                                                  -Clarence Holm



If you don’t speak, you have no voice. Be brave and shout your opinions to the world.

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #140 – Twist/shout

Simple twist of fate
Can turn a world upside down
Right it with a shout

                          -Clarence Holm


See Me


“Rorschach Puzzle” Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer* http://www.stuartglazer.com

Do you really see me,
Standing here before you?
Wrapped in mystery,
Corners you never knew.

I hid a big piece of me,
That I didn’t want to share.
A bit of hidden reality
Locked away in disrepair.

To me it seems so evident,
Behind the image I project.
But then there’s no precedent
To cause a disconnect!

                            -Clarence Holm