Warrior’s Death


Paintings from Norse mythology Peter Nicolai Arbo, Valkyrie’s Death Oil on canvas 1880

Hero’s tears tumble
on lips pursed in dying breath
-life’s struggle over

noble effort undertook
cost of honor bravely paid

                                        -cj holm

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #103 – 10/1/2018 Fall & Try – Synonyms Only

Per Colleen’s Tanka Challenge, I chose tumble and struggle as my synonyms for fall & try

(Tanka Form 5-7-5 7-7)



Ring Out!

A neighbor died this week. He was a fixture at St. Olaf Church, a small country church with a congregation of less than a hundred. Every Sunday, for many years, John would ring the church bells for the beginning and end of services. It was something small he did that not everyone noticed, but was part of the worship.

Next week someone will take up his role, but no one will do it better.

Ring Out

John’s hands gripped St. Olaf’s bell tower rope,
Sounding God’s message of forgiveness and hope.
A practiced cadence and years of measured strokes,
His special gift; a heartfelt call he shared with prairie folks.

Ring out the sound of salvation; Ring out God’s loving call
St. Olaf’s tower won’t be silent; John’s soul rings for us all.

                                                  -Clarence Holm

Morning Romance

Strong morning coffee
With kiss for your sweetheart’s cheek
Is good for the heart

             -Clarence Holm


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 177 Broken / Over
Prompt words: Strong and Heart
Haiku in 5-7-5




I watch the daily news and am rocked by what has become a public exposition of bad behavior. People I’ve long recognized have had their business, civic, and personal lives subjected to dark charges, speculations, and criticisms – much of it admittedly deserved. Some have been widely admonished, while others have been elevated to the highest office in the land.

It is mystifying, to say the least!


A touch remembered, than exposed
Bits of behavior, dark vengeance supposed.
Images constructed on public words and deeds,
Toppled by memories of a person’s buried needs.

Understanding actions, what was at the core
Revised reminiscences of what went on before.
What they were, and what was built
Now under judgement, damning hidden guilt.

Should we join the crowd and help cast stones
Punish hero’s foibles that were previously unknown.
Separate actions from what went on before
Or simply tar & feather to even out the score.

Who controls the scarlet letters, awarded for a life
Sanctimonious judgements applied with a crooked knife.
Vengeance is an answer that some say is best serve cold
Consider forgiveness as an option most consider it gold.

-Clarence Holm