With four separate corrections to my Nightscape Post today involving missing words, incorrect tenses, and forgotten titles, I believe I am losing the battle with my aphasia and dyslexia. Last week, I only managed to do one post and I discovered it was filled with multiple errors. This is so disturbing to think I wrote things only to find that it was not what I thought.

This morning at my coffee group I had to stop four-times during one sentence to ask for help in finding a word. It is embarrassing to find my speaking and writing skills blocking my thoughts and stories.

If you read my posts and notice errors and omissions, please forgive me -I am doing the best I can.

CJ Holm



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Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 278 Vapor / Howl

Grey twilight vapors
drift on twisted woodland trails
-Black howls at night

Anxious souls hunt for refuge
Pounding hearts seek night’s cover

                                                -CJ Holm

Haiku/Senryu Challenge (11/4/19)


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 277 River / Path

Constable, John; Flatford Lock, A Path by a River

Flatford Lock, A Path by a River, ca. 1810-1812. John Constable – Royal Academy of Art

A melodic path
twists and turns above the flow
-River’s brave descant

Journey’s harmonic partner
following life’s ancient course

-CJ Holm

Haiku/Senryu/Tanka Challenge (10/28/19)