Rascually Rabbits

While moving my trailer for mowing, I accidentally exposed a bunny nest. Above is a picture of one of six or so baby bunnies. The others are under the fur in a hole on the right side of the picture.

Softy that I am I partially recovered them to give their mother a chance to move her clan. (Hopefully to my neighbor’s yard)

New Apple Grove

My wife and I just picked up 6 dry rooted apple trees that we will use to start our new grove. We planted 3 Zestars and 3 Honey Crisp. For now we must protect them from the marauding bunnies that eat anything not guarded by attack dogs. Only three years till we get our first pie!!!

Not sure if Age 65 is the optimal time to start an apple grove, but what the heck, someone will get to eat them.