And The Train Keeps Rolling At Dave’s


Enter town from the north on Babcock
Turn left at Bridge and Main
Quick right, just follow River Street
Stop in to watch his train

A small town club in the Midwest
Burgers served in plastic bins.
The regulars line up nightly,
The specials bring them in.

Pieces of chicken cooked in oil,
Prepared with peppers than labeled “hot”.
Pizza with sausage, bacon, and cheese
Served with a beer, it’s the best Dave’s got.

Hung on the wall, a train is on the rails
Orange, black and yellow never sees the sun
Always running forward, no need to veer
Pour me a tall one I’m just here for one.

– Clarence Holm

Shattered Dream

Fractured Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Broken glass spread about the floor,
Mixed with the whiskey dispensed with a pour.
Angry words tossed with a blow,
Hurts once contained, now out of control.

Liquor’s prisoners doomed to repeat
Nightly scenes – far from discreet.
High school sweethearts sworn to each other-
Look what they’ve done to one another.

Once young lovers grown bitter and old,
Harboring resentment of a love gone cold.
Dreams fueled by doubles night after night,
Crushed by reality at daylights sober sight.

Shattered memories of times long ago,
Swept up in pieces, broken status quo.
Memories of lovers now torn apart,
Just hurt feelings and long damaged hearts.

– Clarence Holm