Just A Little Pecker Saga

The woodpeckers back
And he has grown bolder with his strikes.
All that pecking, pecking, pecking
Is raising havoc in my life

Such a nuisance to my scene,
He’s punching holes in eves and trim.
I hear his sound, my ears are throbbing,
But when I seek, it’s sudden-quiet.

I have a loaded BB-gun,
A deadly piston pellet slinger.
That lets me take a single shot,
Once I pump and pump and pump.

This knot hole challenger, this heap of feathers,
Keeps drilling his rustic wooden hole.
Outside I hear the tapping, tapping, tapping,
That is driving me insane.

-Clarence Holm

Sing Your Song

Does a bird hear its’ own song?
And if it does,
would it make it better because he heard it?

Blue Tit - Microsoft Provided Art

Blue Tit – Microsoft Stock Art

Young bird sitting on an apple limb
Hearing music flowing back to him
Does he recognize his own voice?
Would it be his own first choice?

Judging songs can be such a chore,
It’s too easy to ignore.
If you value what you hear,
Is it right to lead the cheer.

Will the reply be just as sweet?
When another voice competes
Or can the two songs combine
To make the other voices align.

– Clarence Holm