Love/Hate challenge

Adventures in Cheeseland ( tagged me for the Love/Hate challenge. The rules are below.

  1. List 10 things you love.
  2. List 10 things you hate.
  3. Tag other people to take the challenge.


  1. Fresh Sheets
  2. Cool Pillows
  3. Bird Feeders.
  4. Perennial Flowers
  5. Estate Sales (Good to know some people have more stuff than me!)
  6. People who don’t care when I stammer
  7. People who take the time to be original
  8. Watercolors
  9. A well written short story
  10. Repairing and Painting Garden Gnomes

Hate (more intensely dislike, except #10)

  1. Facebook Jerks
  2. Cleaning three litterboxes and vacuuming up runaway kitty litter
  3. Finding sour milk when you want cereal
  4. Mosquitos
  5. Wasps that attack me!
  6. People who constantly play trivia games and are always asking for answers
  7. Having no place to hide when babies cry
  8. 4th Day of leftovers
  9. People who don’t care
  10. People who never make a mistake

Below are the blogs I tagged. This part is confusing. I’ve seen people list from zero to ten people. If you choose to accept the challenge, feel free to distribute your largesse in any way you choose. If you do not choose to accept the challenge, please ignore the previous sentence. J

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Wild Daffodil  (



Will I create a difference?
Can I alter anyone’s experience?
When I leave today will it matter?
I hope at least I’ll be a factor.

Questions of a life’s existence,
Of whether to provide assistance.
Or should I rather be judged
On if heaven’s scales were even budged.

Corporate schemes all contend,
A person’s a person, most easy to bend.
The worth of one is nothing more,
Then the space one takes within the corps.

Devalued beings fill those ranks,
Of mindless stiffs who act as planks.
Detach yourself from that role
Open your heart and save your soul.

– Clarence Holm

Why We All Need A Little “Harsh Reality”

In Defense of Opinionated Man

– Clarence Holm

When I was a far younger man, I use to frequent a number of taverns in search of cheap beer and entertainment. With me, in virtually all instances, was a long term friend and cohort. While we were almost identical in age, education and social status, we were polar opposites when it came to temperament and self-control. I would have described myself as “reserved”, but a more technical term would have been reticent. My friend on the other hand was simply known as an “asshole”.

I don’t mean to imply that he had no redeeming characteristics; it just seems those positives were overwhelmed by easily diagnosed behavioral issues. These “issues” normally appeared as the evening progressed past a pitcher of beer or two, after which the usually friendly demeanor would be replaced by a drunken Viking warrior.

When asked why I chose to hang out with him on those frequent occasions of one of his societal breakdowns I easily explained that if I had been out to the bar by myself, I would have probably drank a beer or two at the bar and called it a night (much like an extra sitting at the table in a Cheers episode). Traveling alone my life was predictable and boring.

When my friend was placed in the mix, my life changed and an element of danger was added.

If I were to go to a bar alone for an evening and you asked the other patrons to describe me, you would have probably drawn a blank stare because they hadn’t seen me. When my buddy was along I was easily identified as the nice guy sitting with that jerk. I was the “salt of the earth” and he was a “chili pepper”. We worked well together and produced a good blend of spices.

What has this story got to do with Harsh Reality?

Not a whole lot other than WordPress is now my tavern in which I seek cheap beer and entertainment. By myself I lead a boring existence and my stories and poems are less than “inspirational”. But add in a little Harsh Reality from the Opinionated Man and my world changes. Immediately there are topics to address and opinions to refute. “OM” maybe intolerant, loud and ever-present, but he is a buddy and I am glad I “followed” him into this bar.

Dear Santa – S’il Vous Plait

It’s that time of year again, when tradition has me compile a list of items that I most desire. However after years of endless requests and items duly received, this year I’ve only one small wish that I would like granted—

I have no need for a bike tonight,
Or sweater that’s tailored tight.
A simple wish I make today
That’s all I need from Santa’s sleigh.

In fact, it’s a message for you to carry,
To my friends and family making merry.
I think it’s time to tell each and every one
How much in life they’ve really done.

For every occurrence, each little tussel,
Gave us all a little hustle.
Each made an impact that’s plain to see
So thank you all for what’s been given to me.

To Jack, the eldest of the tribe this advice he freely offers,
Including this financial gem, guaranteed to fill our coffers.
Never turn down “refills and top offs” poured by neighborly clans
Especially at reunions with plentiful cookie stands.

To Jerry, the only one among us not dependent on Obamacare.
Who made a life most true with his carpenter’s square
Whose year is lived in different countries,
Says switching locations is a breeze.

Next there’s the one that holds us all together
Our sister Joanne who acts as the family’s tether.
Who’s defied the odds using incredible guile
Cracking the whip wearing a cheerful smile.

Following in the family organization,
Is our expert in commercialization.
Jim has skills that we all agree
Has suffered through years of corporate conferees.

Lastly my little brother Gene,
Whose family has grown umpteen.
Unfortunately Boston’s Red Sox, and the New England’s Pats
Have let him down with sickly stats.

Before I wish a pleasant Christmas eve
I have to say as I take my leave
I’ll miss you all as midnight’s strike
As Santa calls to all good night.

Cheap Whiskey With Water

Boogie Nights Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

Boogie Nights
Original Acrylic Artwork By Stuart Glazer

– Clarence Holm

Working for others, chasing whims and dreams
Drifting with visions, thinking impractical schemes.
Sipping cheap whiskey with water, singing a country song
Friendly recitations, sweet reveries prolong.

My thoughts kept churning in my head last night
Fleeing from nowhere, my directions weren’t right.
I had reached for stars but they’d slipped away
In searching for dreams, most thoughts had gone astray.

My life and my decisions hang with me today
Those choices, that Karma, are flowing my way.
An existence held prisoner by risk pushed aside
A lifetime full of pathways and doors left untried.

What a waste of a future, a fate left untested
A hardship, a friendship, risk left arrested.
A life of avoidance, a song with no dance
A boring existence – this adventure sans chance.

The Blog – With Apologies To All

Once upon a computer whirring, while I typed so, fast and furious,
Over bleak thoughts, a bit too ponderous, bits of knowledge – what a bore!
Then I stopped, and started browsing, my hard drive clunked and started tapping,
With a beat it started rapping, rapping on my study’s door.
“’Tis a simple rhythm,” I muttered, “rapping at my study door—
Only this and nothing more.”

Ah, specifically I remember it was before my late night slumber;
And each separate throbbing measure boomed its smack upon the door.
Eagerly I wished for the silence;—vainly I had sought some guidance
From the cloud to stop this booming—booming for the final Opus—
For a clear and concise posting whom the followers could simply just adore—
Posted here for evermore.

Waiting For A Mouse


– Clarence Holm

I’ve haven’t exactly seen a pest,
But I know that they’ve been here.
Corners and cracks provide places to nest
Till sentries squeak all’s clear.

Scrawny flea-bit, hairy nemesis
Bent on avoiding winter’s might.
They infest my walls and crevices
Much to their delight.

These cheeky whiskered vermin
Scamper brazenly on the floor.
They set their goal and determine
Which foods will feed their corps?

I’ve convened a high level summit,
With my furry feline friends.
Shared campaigns of those we’ve hunted
In the homes we did defend.

Beside the cats, I deployed a trap
In hopes a mouse will be ensnared.
I baited the catch with a cheesy scrap
The hammer is prepared.

I’ll sleep tonight, I’m well equipped
To defend my cozy lair
Perchance this night he’ll follow the script
In which case, I’ll end it with a prayer.