1/12/2019 Haiku Trio

approaching sunset
the world grows so much colder
birds can’t bear to sing


coldest wintertime
is covered with morning frost
-future dreams below


gritty winter frost
covers the tall prairie grass
hiding shadow’s song

                                                        -cj holm

Early At My Window

            yard light
breaks the darkness
     -morning cup of joe


winter burns
white fingertip
-in a mitten hole


morning light
on winter snow
cat tracks near the door


early colors
                         displayed in grey
      bunny waits for dawn


my long-haired cat
sheds mostly white
sleeping on my lap


                                  -©2019 cj holm

I’ve Found


A Bud Light tastes smooth
Even on cool winter day
Though cold in my hand

                                      -Clarence Holm


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 174 Smooth / Hand

Prompt words: Smooth and Hand
Haiku in 5-7-5